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Multi Function Kiosk

Our kiosks offer features like open an account, viewing and comparing products, attractive selfies and panoramas & interactive feedback system. Improve your customer experience, increase customer base, reduce the cost of business, gain efficiency through diverse applications, boosts job satisfaction and many more benefits that help in the growth of a successful business. Tell us what you want to do, and we can help you figure out the best course of action with the right kiosk, the perfect software, and the easy installation.


Digital Avatar

This cutting edge technology is ideal for attracting the attention of visitors and building the initial enthusiasm to engage and explore the information on the screen.


Gesture Selfie

Our Fluid Selfie allows users in front of the sensor to take a selfie with any senior executive member of the company, celebrity, or popular personality associated with the organization.


Maps and Exploratory environments

Our gesture software can be used to explore maps of a particular area or building complex. The user can navigate around the map, zoom in or out of the various features of the project.



The Fluid Motion software allows for regular power point presentations to be gesture enabled. Herein any PowerPoint presentation can be controlled by the user by simply flicking his hand to move forward or backwards.


OS control

Any screen with information can be gesture enabled using our gesture enabled OS platform. Users can navigate through various components and select the ones that they need more details about.


Hardware control

Our gesture solutions can be used to control any hardware device such as drones, robotic arms, home appliances, televisions, music systems etc, from a distance, without the need for remote controls.


Video Walls

This solution is ideal for informational video walls, giving the user complete control over the screen in deciding which video to play. Our Gesture controlled Video Gallery allows users to select a video from a video gallery, open, play, pause and close it using hand gestures.


Image Gallery

Our gesture enabled Image gallery allows customers to select a particular album from the menu and flick through its images at leisure.



The Fluid Motion software gesture-enables the gaming platform, so that the user can play all the popular video games but with gestures from a distance. Gaming apps such as fruit ninja, temple run, cut the rope, have been gesture enabled, so that the user can play the same game but gain a novel experience.

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