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Customer Experience Centres

Our highly engaging Customer Experience Centres offer a high-tech and futuristic zone where customers can experience innovative live demonstrations and engage in interactive presentations. Our gesture enabled CEC solutions are designed to display the complete suite of the Company's solutions, in a variety of different formats.

Our cutting-edge Gesture packed Powerpoint presentation solution, can let your CEO deliver a dynamic presentation without remotes and clickers. Hand gestures can change slides, zoom in and out, draw ad hoc maps, play videos and write on screen. Our gesture enabled Video walls and Photo Galleries give customers the flexibility to choose their own content, and interact with content in a highly fluid manner.

Even regular information on the screen could be gesture enabled thereby exponentially increasing their interactivity with the users. Users can navigate through various components and select the ones that they need more details about. Furthermore, we can completely gesture enable your boardrooms to incorporate touchless control of lights, thermostats, screens and AV equipment.

Some of our favourite clients who have implemented our tech into their CECs are Vodafone and Reliance.

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