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For a bank looking to set up digital branches, our gesture platform can help you create an incredible and state-of-the-art facility. Our gesture platform allows for seamless 24 X 7 digital banking. It allows customers to explore information regarding the bank's various products and services around the clock, and adds an innovative dimension to the bank's communication paradigm.

Our gesture solution for banking detects, interacts and responds to customers, who can create new accounts, make purchases, apply for loans and securely carry out any transaction at any time of the day. Gesture banking especially caters to the needs of customers who are hard-pressed for time, impeding their access to the bank during the bank's normal work hours. Our banking solution allows customers to explore and purchase banking products in their own time while ensuring that they receive quick and quality service. Our range of products for the banking sector include gesture enabled pop-up branches, in-branch gesture banking, customer feedback and employee engagement.

Digital Avatar

let user replicate themselves in screen with different background.

Explore products

Customer can explore the entire catalog of bank products with their hand gesture.

Gesture Selfie

Customer can take a photo on any background or with your brand ambassador

Log leads

Allow customer to log leads directly from the system.


Deliver remoteless Gesture presentations by just flicking your hands

Hardware Control

Touchless control of machines using the wave of your hand

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