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About Us

Trutech Webs is a cloud computing solutions company based in Mumbai, India.

The Fluid Motion is the product of a company which loves to innovate. A recipient of the NASSCOM "Emerge 50 Awards 2012", we have received acknowledgment for innovation from the former President of India, Smt. Pratibha Pail. Based in Mumbai's premier commercial location, Trutech Webs has worked with top tier institutions across Asia including Deloitte, Mumbai University, Princeton Review and Rediff.com

The Product- Why Gesture recognition works

To say that technology today is growing at an unprecedented rate would be an understatement. Traditionally, we were limited to perceive what immediately surrounded us, but with the advent of computers and the internet, we could now explore the entire world at our fingertips. Our five senses however, had always been independent of the world that we saw digitally until the invention of touch based computer devices. With systems like the I-Pad in place today, we can physically and seamlessly connect, join and intertwine the digital world with our physical world.

At Trutech Webs however, we have taken this relationship one step further. To the next level. While touch based devices allowed us to interact with the digital with the sense of touch, we have invented a technology that allows you to merge these two worlds using only your hands. With no external devices. As our name indicates, we are True to Technology, and it is this attitude of ours that allows us to envision and build this device.

Your competitors have just started using various touch devices for several purposes. We invite you to take your organization to much higher levels. We invite you to discover how TheFluidMotion’s movement and voice recognition gives you a glimpse into the future of technology.


TheFluidMotion is a product applicable and compatible for one and all. A popular misconception for such gesture recognition products is that they not only require significant training, but deal with pre-set defined recognized gestures. This leads to significant apprehension for the use of highly technical but easy-to-use products. We at Trutech understand this, and in that endeavor, have ensured that our product is not only completely customizable, but also very easy to use. Thus, our product can now recognize any gesture to result in a manner you desire it to. Thus to open an application at McDonalds, your client can move his fingers in the direction of a golden arch, to open a car door the client can pull his hand back or can flick through a PowerPoint presentation with a click of his fingers. Any and every possible gesture for any and every possible use can be customized by us so that you not only add significant value to your company, but to also ensure that your customer remembers what stood out in his interaction with your products.